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After School Program

The Pollywog Pond After School Program located in West Mount Airy, Philadelphia, serves local families who need childcare from 3pm to 5:30pm during the school year. For the C.W. Henry Public School students, a daily pick up at 3:09 is offered. Other families can arrange a school bus drop-off. Please see the Program Director about the details.

Program Highlights

The After School Program is located on the Lower Level in our stone home in West Mount Airy. The children get either picked up by the Program Director at a local school or dropped off by school buses. Once all the children gather at the facility, a healthy, organic snack is provided. After snack, the children are invited to play and spend time outside in our gardens and play area. During the afternoon, children can chose either indoor or outdoor activities, including homework, handwork, simple seasonal or Holiday crafts, dramatic play, reading, baking or board games. The program is fully child-led as we believe that after a full day of schoolwork, children should be allowed to have an outdoor and indoor play time and just plain uninstructed down time of their choice. A variety of art supplies for drawing, painting, and multimedia art projects are provided.

Typical activities may include:

  • drawing and painting
  • finger knitting
  • weaving with yarns and plants
  • planting miniature fairy gardens
  • nature photography
  • stamp design
  • beading
  • little adventures in the Carpenter’s Woods, including: watching birds, observing insects, identifying plants and trees, playing near the creek, hiking, picnicking etc.

Half days

The Half Day Program is offered to children who attend C.W. Henry School and are enrolled in the After-School program. On scheduled half days, children get picked up at C.W. Henry School at 12:09pm and walked to the Program Classroom. Weather permitted, we explore the natural beauty of  Carpenter’s Woods and spend time wandering along the creek. We may collect nature treasures for nature-inspired art projects. On half days, we may be baking in our kitchenette, building a fort, crafting, or just reading books and playing games.


The Holiday After School Program is available to all of the enrolled children and any other families interested in sending their children to our program on those days. The hours are from 8:30am to 5pm. Please, register at least one week in advance. The Holiday Program will run as long as there are at least 5 children enrolled.

Snow Days

Our intention is to make every effort to open our program to the enrolled children and the other families on school closing days due to weather conditions. Please, check with the Program Director via email or phone on those days to confirm the hours.


Please, contact the Program Director.

pollywog pond vernal pool

Pollywog Pond after school program students learn about the vernal pool in Carpenter’s Woods.


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